Read how you can become an intuitive eater and be naturally active. Get empowered to create your own healthy happy lifestyle free of dieting, food rules, and weight obsession.

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Join me on the Finding Body Freedom Podcast where I talk with guests about their inspiring stories and how they have created a life free from dieting and weight obsession. Guests include body positive and anti-dieting professionals as well as people who have overcome addiction, disordered eating, body image issues, and anything and everything in between.

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About Me

Due to my extensive knowledge and expertise, I can help you find what you’ve been looking for all along: Body Freedom. I have developed a protocol that is not only tried and true, but also grounded in science and psychology. Hundreds of women have found body freedom using my approach and haven’t looked back. You can be one of those women, too.

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Some Alarming Statistics from the 2008 University of Chapel Hill and Self Magazine Online Survey of over 4,000 women between the ages of 25-45.

75% of Women Report Unhealthy Eating Behaviors or Symptoms Consistent with Eating Disorders. Which means 3 out of 4 Women Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Food or Their Bodies.

67% of Women (not including those with eating disorders) are Trying to Lose Weight

53% of Dieters are Already at a Healthy Weight and Are Still Trying to Lose Weight

39% of Women say Concerns about What They Eat or Weigh Interfere with their Happiness

37% Of Women Regularly Skip Meals to Try to Lose Weight

27% of Women Would be “Extremely Upset” if they Gained Just 5 Pounds

26% Cut out Entire Food Groups

16% Have Dieted on 1,000 Calories a Day or Fewer (This is Considered Starvation)

13% Smoke to Lose Weight

12% Often Eat when They Aren’t Hungry; 49% Sometimes Do


If you are anything like me you have spent your life searching for the perfect diet. I was always looking for the new diet answer that would solve all my health concerns and guarantee and long and happy life as the thin and energetic person I so much wished to be. Then I went to my gym one day and asked if they knew of a professional and respected nutritionist I could talk to. That was when Caitlin entered my world and changed my life.

I was able to free myself from my fear of food and my anxiety about weight and health and my diet madness.

Today I am more at peace with what I eat without being so anxious about every bite, and it is probably no accident that I am also slimmer and healthier than I was before. For that sense of balance and peace and a healthier happier life I am grateful for the guidance of Caitlin and her NEW VISION OF NUTRITION THAT GAVE ME A FREEDOM FROM DIETS.

Michael Gates, NY Times Best Selling Author
I finished one of Caitlin’s Online Progams and immediately thought that I needed to do another round of the whole30 program (I’m sure you’ve seen it – basically you eliminate a bunch of stuff from your diet). I had very good intentions – I thought I needed to fix my overindulge-guilt cycle with food and am concerned about my weight and had success with a whole30 this summer. Flash forward two weeks – my husband and I have been starving, bored, tired, grouchy. Yesterday I started a new job in admissions and I left feeling so amazing and I just wanted to have a drink and a nice dinner to celebrate – but that would be cheating and then I wouls be failing and a million other negative things. I came home prepared to give my “shameful” reasons for “quitting” – because I wanted to celebrate my job – and I thought my husband would be disappointed. Instead, he reminded me of everything I talked about with Caitlin’s Program- how my relationship with food had changed (I was having A drink to celebrate and be social – not 50 to get wasted and feel like crap) and eating a piece of bread and actually enjoying it was not the same thing as eating a loaf of bread because I was bored. Add to that I said “Well, I’m also sorry I haven’t been exercising” and he said “You’ve been doing yoga every day! That is exercise!” And then I sat with myself for a bit and realized how much I had actually learned from Caitlin. I wasn’t trusting myself with what I had learned and was second guessing everything. It’s like a whole new lease on life to know I can trust my body to tell me what it needs and I am actually prepared to respond to it in a positive way and that is largely thanks to the tools you gave me. I just wanted to say thank you!
Brit, Participant in Caitlin's Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program
I first met Cait in one of her workout classes she instructed on Sundays in Westchester County, NY. My first memory was of her smile. Why? Because she has found her purpose. To reveal to anyone (that wanted to listen) how they can love their bodies. At the end of class I remember her extremely friendly manner as I explained my situation of having a brain injury in 1995 and still had weakness in my right side. She said I did great (!) and that I should be very proud of myself. I left her class feeling totally calm, peaceful and happy as I thanked myself for a job well done. Even though Sundays were sworn to be a family day, I would sneak into Cait’s workout class just for me and I never to regretted it. Her small talks at the end of class while you melted into the floor with your eyes closed where she would ask you to visualize and go to a place where you felt totally at peace. Well I went there every Sunday.

Her Spin classes became a must do. She would go through every single part of the body and have you properly place it and give inspirational quotes at the beginning of class that would put you in a perfect frame of mind. She wants you to get the most out of life. To listen to what is best for you. She would bring us all together spinning for that common goal which is fulfillment with oneself.

I joined her Online Program. After that 10-week program of motivation, goal setting, eating behaviors, body images, and self-esteem, everyone in her workshop shared this unbreakable bond. ( I still have connections to many of the women that were strangers before). No question went unanswered. There was personal growth. For me, I learned how to listen to my body better.

I wish her the very best!! I can still hear her voice and see her wonderful smile. And miss her dearly! She has found her purpose: To be a coach of health, life, fitness and wellness. She was born to help others become their best selves. Why? Because that’s her choice.

She wants you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Tina, Participant in Caitlin's Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program
I honestly don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t reached out to you and you hadn’t agreed to work with me one-on-one. When I wrote that message to you asking for help, I was in a very, very scary place. I don’t think I can ever really tell you in words how much I appreciate you. You’ve helped me discover a new way of thinking, and you’ve helped me finally channel into a peaceful inner place. There’s a quote from Pema Chodron that says “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”, which I reflect on a lot. Through working with you, and joining your Online Program, I’ve realized that what I really needed to know was how to change my way of thinking. That I couldn’t change my behaviors until I changed my mind. To open up, ask for and accept help, and become part of a positive community. I LOVE being a part of this awesome community. I feel like these girls are my sisters in a way, even though I’ve never met them. Anyway, working with you has ABSOLUTELY changed my life. You have guided me without force, taught me without preaching, and helped me find my inner light. I understand now what it means to live free, and I cannot ever thank you enough for that. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂
Jen, Past Client and Participant in Caitlin's Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program
When I was selected to be a part of the Healthy Happy Lifestyle Online Program, I was thrilled. At that time, I was in a very bad place with myself. My mindset was completely brainwashed! All food was good or bad, being bad meant I was a failure and destined to be this size forever. Mind you, I am only a size 8- and pretty darn fit. But I thought I had to be smaller. Since I already worked out daily because I love it, I would need to adjust my eating. This naturally led me to think about eating 24/7, despise anyone eating something yummy, and binging.

The Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program really helped me to embrace who I am now. Who decided I wasn’t good enough right now, anyway? Ummmm I think it was me. So I decided I needed to change my mind. It has taken a while (8 weeks!) but I am at a place where I can eat a cookie and it doesn’t really bother me. I just make sure to make a healthier choice at my next snack, like a grapefruit. The Online Program has also forced me to confront my doubt. My entire life I have lacked a confidence in myself, no matter what I accomplish, I seem to forget about it. I realized that if I consistently pushed my boundaries than I will be consistently PROUD of myself. This program really encourages facing your fears. I am done avoiding things I have convinced myself I could not do. How do I know if I have never even tried?

Thank you Cait.

Sarah, Participant in Caitlin's Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program
Working with Caitlin was both fun and productive. She helped me discover accessible recovery tools and held me accountable to put them into practice immediately. She continues to inspire me to believe that recovery is absolutely possible!
Sophia Holly, Yoga Teacher, Eating Disorder Activist and Recoverer

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