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Cait is an expert in helping her clients find body freedom. She comes with a decade of experience working in the fitness industry, nutrition field, and in health coaching. She is the founder of Finding Body Freedom, an online holistic wellness practice that provides health and nutrition coaching, intuitive eating and lifestyle programs, and retreats. She has her B.S in Health Science: Nutrition, is an RD, CPT, and RYT-200 Hour. Cait is currently attending Plymouth State University for her Master’s in Health Education and Eating Disorders. Her goal is to rid the world of dieting, help her clients quit the dieting mentality and welcome in freedom to live guilt free, and to decrease the prevalence of eating disorders worldwide.

FBF Podcast Episode #8: Lauren Dragon-Cook {Post Partum Depression, Post Baby Body, and Why She Gives Zero F*cks}

Hey All! Welcome back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! This is Episode #8! WOOHOO! Today I’m talking with Lauren Dragon-Cook who is a very different guest than any of you are used to because she does not work in the eating disorder, body positive, or nutrition/fitness field. She is a down to earth, tell [...]

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FBF Podcast Episode #7: Solo one with Caitlin {My Full Story}

Welcome Back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! I’m your host Caitlin Croteau and in today’s episode it’s just me and you. I felt compelled to share my story (in it's fullest version) with you because it’s important to share my struggles and not just sit up there on my podcast soap box and talk [...]

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New Podcast Episode with Thais Guimaraes {Emotional Eating, Self-Worth, and Spirituality}

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another great podcast episode! This is episode #6 with one amazing human being, Thais Guimaraes. Thais is a women’s leadership coach, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and the co-creator of The AMPLIFY Collective, a movement changing the way women network. She is also a co-host of the popular podcast BE AMPLIFIED. After struggling for years with emotional eating, anxiety and several identity crises, she found the key to happiness – worthiness, and set out to support other women rise UP. She believes that the world [...]

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FPF Episode #5: Christy Harrison {Self-Care vs Self-Control}

Hey All! Welcome back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! This is Episode #5! Today I’m talking with Christy Harrison who is an NYC-based intuitive eating counselor and anti-diet registered dietitian, specializing in Health at Every Size. She hosts Food Psych, a podcast dedicated to helping you make peace with food, and writes regularly for [...]

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New Episode! {Episode #4 with Kelsey Miller, Author of “Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life”

YAY! Another episode to share with the world! Exciting!  This is episode #4 on the Finding Body Freedom Podcast and today I am chatting with Kelsey Miller who is the author of Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting & Got A Life (Jan. 2016, Grand Central). Kelsey graduated from Boston University with a BS [...]

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FBF Podcast Episode #3: Allison Dryja {Going Inwards & Self-Care in Relationships

Hey guys! I've launched a new podcast episode this week! Check it out on iTunes (Search Finding Body Freedom and hit subscribe) OR on the podcast tab on this website!  Today's guest is Allison Dryja and I know you are all going to L-O-V-E  her as much as I do! Allison and I talk about [...]

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The Happy Healthy Lifestyle Program LAUNCH PARTY!!!!

Sick of Dieting and Feeling like a failure when you Fall off the Wagon? Tired of Struggling with your Weight? Desiring a Lifestyle that actually Feels Good? **If your answer to any of those questions is a profound YES, keep reading.** GUYS!!! I am now accepting enrollment into my completely ONLINE Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program! [...]

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My Body Positive Workout Routine

Hey all! I'm starting to really settle into my new home (this website), new brand (YAY!), and my forever expanding passion project, and I've realized that although I write about having a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and all things self-care, I don't share how I personally make that all happen. Because I do eat [...]

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How To Become a Body Positive Fitness Instructor

  You should be able to walk into a personal training session and (online or in person) group fitness class/video, hell even a yoga class, without hearing the following phrases: "Anyone eat too many cookies this weekend? Let's work those off!" "Come on ladies, PUSH HARDER!" "Who's Sweating for the WEDDING!?" "Sweat is fat crying, [...]

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Finding Body Freedom Podcast: Episode #1 with Sarah Anne Stewart

Podcast Interview with Sarah Anne Stewart I am So excited to announce that my first podcast episode is LIVE and ready for your cute ears to listen! In this episode Sarah and I talk about her journey from model with an eating disorder to being a health coach specializing in helping people to heal their [...]

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