New Podcast Episode with Thais Guimaraes {Emotional Eating, Self-Worth, and Spirituality}

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to another great podcast episode! This is episode #6 with one amazing human being, Thais Guimaraes. Thais is a women’s leadership coach, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and the co-creator of The AMPLIFY Collective, a movement changing the way women [...]

FPF Episode #5: Christy Harrison {Self-Care vs Self-Control}

By | September 27th, 2016|Categories: Experiences, Guests, Podcast, Self Care, Self Love, Uncategorized|

Hey All! Welcome back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! This is Episode #5! Today I’m talking with Christy Harrison who is an NYC-based intuitive eating counselor and anti-diet registered dietitian, specializing in Health at [...]

New Episode! {Episode #4 with Kelsey Miller, Author of “Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life”

By | September 21st, 2016|Categories: Experiences, Guests, Podcast, Self Care, Self Love|

YAY! Another episode to share with the world! Exciting!  This is episode #4 on the Finding Body Freedom Podcast and today I am chatting with Kelsey Miller who is the author of Big Girl: How [...]

FBF Podcast Episode #3: Allison Dryja {Going Inwards & Self-Care in Relationships

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Hey guys! I've launched a new podcast episode this week! Check it out on iTunes (Search Finding Body Freedom and hit subscribe) OR on the podcast tab on this website!  Today's guest is Allison Dryja [...]

The Happy Healthy Lifestyle Program LAUNCH PARTY!!!!

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Sick of Dieting and Feeling like a failure when you Fall off the Wagon? Tired of Struggling with your Weight? Desiring a Lifestyle that actually Feels Good? **If your answer to any of those questions [...]

My Body Positive Workout Routine

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Hey all! I'm starting to really settle into my new home (this website), new brand (YAY!), and my forever expanding passion project, and I've realized that although I write about having a healthy relationship with [...]

Finding Body Freedom Podcast: Episode #1 with Sarah Anne Stewart

By | August 30th, 2016|Categories: Experiences, Guests, Podcast, Self Care, Self Love|

Podcast Interview with Sarah Anne Stewart I am So excited to announce that my first podcast episode is LIVE and ready for your cute ears to listen! In this episode Sarah and I talk about [...]

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