Welcome back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! Today I have a great guest on the show and we dive deep into Body Positive Fitness, Why you should seek out Body Positive Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers, and Why Walking Out of a class that is not healthy is exactly what you need to do! This is episode #12~
Here’s a bit more about Amanda:
Amanda Gyuran is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Pilates Instructor who helps women transform their relationship with food and fitness. Clients learn to ditch the diets, restriction, and self-sabotage while finding pleasure in all areas of life. Amanda works with women worldwide to create personalized mind body nutrition programs that focus on body acceptance, all while achieving and setting goals in a loving, nourishing way. She specializes in binge eating, body image and compulsive exercise. Find more about her programs at www.amandagyuran.com
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