Welcome Back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! I’m your host Caitlin Croteau and in today’s episode it’s just me and you. I felt compelled to share my story (in it’s fullest version) with you because it’s important to share my struggles and not just sit up there on my podcast soap box and talk the good talk; I’m also here to walk the good walk. Today I share my struggles with dieting, a {few} eating disorders, body image, being in the fitness world, sexual orientation, and why I do the work that I currently do…on the podcast and with my clients. I’m sure there are things that I didn’t get around to sharing (as with all stories, something often gets left out on accident) and I’m sure those tidbits will come out during the other podcast episodes as time goes on.

This episode I get vulnerable, honest, and raw. I hope you enjoy today’s episode!

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