Hi everyone! Welcome back to the podcast!

This is episode #9 with one of my good friends, Sophia Holly.

She is filled with so much truth, love, and passion.

Sophia is a 500 RYT and body image activist. She teaches classes and workshops that promote healing from within and self acceptance through the practices of Yoga. She is currently in the process of becoming an Eat Breathe Thrive facilitator.
In addition to teaching yoga and shifting the consciousness of the way human view their bodies, Sophia sings (kirtan, karaoke, and more), bikes everywhere, and practices spontaneity.

In this episode, Sophia and I talk about her journey to and through an eating disorder, how to recovered, how she dealt with weight gain after she recovered and stopped restricting herself. We chatted about yoga (duh, we are both yoga teachers). We talked about Eat Breathe Thrive and why she is so passionate about this work (stay tuned for her offerings in NYC). We also talked about Shakti Barre which is a “studio (Brooklyn, NYC) empowering the feminine in everybody with yoga and barre classes, a local cafe and workspace, plus events and activism for accessible, sustainable wellness.” We chatted about being body positive instructors within the fitness and yoga world. She shared what she is currently working on in her own life. Lastly, she shares how she wishes to be the change she wishes to see in the world. It’s a wonderful conversation and I’m so excited for all of you to listen to this episode!

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