Hey all! I’m starting to really settle into my new home (this website), new brand (YAY!), and my forever expanding passion project, and I’ve realized that although I write about having a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and all things self-care, I don’t share how I personally make that all happen. Because I do eat nutrient dense foods most of the time, I do exercise pretty much every day (in some way), I do put my sleep as a priority, and I do listen and read really positive, uplifting, and a-ha moment inducing content. BUT I also had a chocolate chip cookie last night, sometimes I watch trashy TV, and more times than I want to admit, I want to throw my dog out the window. It is not all rainbows and puppies in my life. Just like it ain’t rainbow and puppies all the time in yours.

Sometimes, figuring out and doing your self-care is a bitch. YES I want you to have a healthy relationship with food, but I also want you to eat nutrient dense foods that make you feel on fire. YES I want you to have a great relationship with exercise, but I also hope that you are getting out there and moving that beautiful bod. YES I want you to have a great relationship with your self-care, but I don’t always want you to make that a reason to lay on the couch watching Netflix for 10 hours on end. SO, I’m going to start sharing some balanced, healthy, and intuitive posts that relate to what a healthy happy lifestyle can look like, but that doesn’t mean what I share is going to work for you. That’s where the work comes in. You determine what works for you, NOT me.

(*Guys, I’m really hoping this is going to be helpful for ya’ll, but if you’d rather me write about something else, please, for the love of God, let me know. I write this stuff for YOU!)

SO, I’m going to start this “series” by sharing my body positive workout routine.

BUT A few things before I share it:

  1. This is MY workout routine and that does not mean that it needs to become yours.
  2. This plan often changes based on what I feel like doing- some days I feel like running, other days I feel like rock climbing, and sometimes, I just feel like doing cartwheels in the grass. It truly depends on the day.
  3. I teach online fitness and yoga classes on Boot Camp Hub (click on the title for the linky loo) so I don’t have full control over my schedule, but you’ll see how I make it work for me. I LOVE teaching my online classes and if you are looking for body positive, kind, compassionate, down to earth people to workout with, you should at least do the free 7 day trial. (And no, this is not a paid ad or anything like that-I’m not that cool).
  4. My workout routine changes ALL of the time. Right now I am super into kettle bells, rock climbing, and taking walks. I am really into strength based workouts and then also really into just popping on a podcast and strollin’ down the street with my dog who barks at everyone and everything (yesterday he barked at leaf).
  5. I do not view exercise as a consequence or as a “must do”. I view exercise as an opportunity to use my energy for something positive, to decrease stress, to elevate my mood, to increase my confidence, and to feel stronger in my body. This is the body positive part of my exercise routine. I do not spend my time working out hoping that my body will look different on the other side of it. I do not tell myself that I have to do abs because my stomach is squishy. I do not look at my legs and wish for them to get smaller. I mean really, ain’t nobody got time to be their own bully! Amiright!? Exercise truly is for everyone and no matter how much you weigh or the size you wear, exercise is meant for all of us. I never force myself to workout. I work WITH my body to determine what it wants to do to move that day. AND of course, if I am sick, I lay on the couch and watch Netflix all day take good care of myself.

Monday- I wake up, press snooze, make coffee, walk my dog for 2o minutes, and then I teach a live streamed Cardio Interval Workout on Boot Camp Hub for 30 minutes at 8am EST. Sometimes I teach a class that is more plyometric in nature, other times I teach a class that consists of jogging, jumping jacks, and just plain old marching in place while you listen to a funny or embarrassing story of mine. (Stretching and a Good Playlist included)

Tuesday- I wake up, press snooze a few times, make coffee, walk my dog for 20 minutes, and then I teach a live streamed Strength and Cardio class on Boot Camp Hub for 30 minutes at 8am EST. In this class I teach a full body strength and cardio workout- we alternate between cardio and strength and man do we sweat! We use weights, resistance bands, and our body weight. It’s fun, high energy, and the perfect way to start my day. (Stretching and a Fun Playlist Included)

Wednesday- I wake up, don’t press snooze, make coffee, walk Yogi for 20 minutes, and then I have a few clients that I work with before anything else happens. This is my intuitive exercise day. Sometimes I like to take a run, do a strength workout, go rock climbing, or hit up a yoga class in town. I don’t plan what I am going to do for workouts on these days, I literally ask my body what it feels like, I ask my heart what it wants to do, and if I’m exhausted, I take it easy. Today for example, I went to the rock climbing gym, played with kettle bells for 20 minutes, bouldered for another 10 minutes, and then I peaced out.

Thursday– I wake up, make coffee, walk Yogi, and then teach a Yoga Class for 30 minutes on Boot Camp Hub at 8am EST. My classes are for all levels and are invigorating but also grounding. We do some flows, play with warriors, and also hang out in savasana. Again, a grab bag of postures. After Yoga, I tend to want to go outside, so I tend to go on another walk or I head out for a 15-20 minute run. After I get home, I stretch while Yogi attempts to terrorize me.

Friday- I wake up, make coffee, walk Yogi, and then I teach a Dance Party Cardio Interval Class on Boot Camp Hub at 8am EST. This workout is my absolute FAVORITE one to teach. I come up with 5 “dance moves” and put together a super fun playlist and we tear up the dance floor together for 30 minutes. I also add in some intervals where you freestyle it up! Life is too short not to have dance parties, so on Fridays I make it happen!

Saturday- On Saturdays I treat myself to a yoga class because it is not often that a trainer/instructor gets to actually take a class and be lead by someone else. Lately I’ve been hitting up different yoga studios in the Alexandria, VA area. Sometimes it’s a slow flow type class, other times I want power yoga, and sometimes I just want to be in a studio and I don’t care what kind of class it is. Saturday is my day to breathe, stretch, shake and #LetitGo.

Sunday- My fiance is home with me on Sundays so we often head out to go hike/take a walk in the woods. We also might rock climb. We also might go swing some golf clubs at our nearby Top Golf spot. Sundays are another grab bag day exercise wise, but we always do something active, and it is always enjoyable.

That’s my weekly workout schedule as it stands today. As you can see, I’m not into just one thing. I’m into a lot of different things. I have a nice mix of all of my favorite ways to move.

SO, now it’s your turn!

This post is only helpful if I give you something to think about: SO, What do you like to do for exercise/movement? Do you enjoy taking walks? Lifting weights? Hitting up a spin class? Namasta-ing yourself over to a yoga class? Taking a dance class/dancing in your living room? Do you enjoy gardening? Do you love jumping on a trampoline? Tap dancing? Beer drinking? Do you like terrorizing your dog with his favorite chew toy around the house until your face is beat red?

When you figure out which forms of exercise truly feels good to you, you won’t have to force yourself to do it. You will crave it. You will feel a sense of freedom while doing it. AND that, my friends, is the secret to creating a body positive exercise routine.

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by to read this today! MWA!