Welcome back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast!
Today we will talking with one of my very first clients, Jen Porto who recovered from Binge Eating Disorder.
She is not only inspiring but super down to earth, vulnerable, and raw.
Here’s a bit about Jen:
Jen is a Maine-based Communications professional who loves animals, the ocean, and all things adventurous. Her interest in health and nutrition has propelled her through a wide range of experiences over the past six years, ranging from Tough Mudders, to Goruck Challenges, to a half ironman triathlon– all of which she has documented on her blog www.jentoyourhealth.wordpress.com. After recovering from an eating disorder, and reverting back to omnivorous life after 3 years of veganism, Jen seeks to encourage others to respect their bodies, and life a life of love and compassion.
Resources for Binge Eating Disorder:
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