FBF Episode 28: Sheila Viers {Reclaim Your Life, You Do You}

Hi All! Welcome back to the podcast! I'm so happy you listened in! Today's guest is Sheila Viers.We had such an empowering conversation about her own personal story, about allowing yourself to be who you truly are, finding out what feels good to you, and so much more. It's a down to earth conversation and [...]

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FBF Episode #26: Rebecca Scritchfield {Body Kindness}

Today’s guest is Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN–a weight neutral Registered Dietitian, busy mom to 2 young daughters, and the author of the new book, Body Kindness. She also is the host of the Body Kindness Podcast (you gotta check that one out--iTunes, Stitcher, etc).  Rebecca shares her story to finding her own body freedom and body [...]

By | March 27th, 2017|0 Comments

FBF Episode #23: Michelle Davis {Following Your Heart & How Posing Nude created a Better Body Image}

In this conversation, yoga teacher and spa owner, Michelle Davis,  shares her life story with us including pieces about body image and her nude modeling for an art class actually improving her own, how listening to her intuition has lead her to some amazing opportunities and experiences, and she shares how she supports her overall [...]

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FBF Episode #23: Lauren McAulay {Do What Feels Good to YOU}

In this conversation, Lauren shares her story and struggle with disordered eating, defining herself based on her weight, and how she has transformed her health coaching business to a self love business. We talked about intuition, learning who you are, mental health and how it affects our overall health, self-love, fighting or friending your body, [...]

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FBF Episode #22: Brittany Brown {Coming from a Place of Self-Worth}

In this conversation, Brittany shares her story and struggle with restriction, dieting, binge eating disorder, and how she finally found her own body and food freedom. Brittany now leads online programs for people who have struggled with similar issues as she has in the past. The main topic of our conversation is about coming from [...]

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FBF Episode #19: Kylie Mitchell {Respecting your Natural Size & ‘Healthy Living’ Blogs}

In this conversation, Kylie shares her journey from starting a food blog, to struggling with her own eating disorder and disordered eating afterwards, to now working with people with eating disorders. We also chat about the potential harm of  visiting and reading 'healthy eating' blogs. Finding Body Freedom with Kylie Mitchell •    Struggled with her [...]

By | January 17th, 2017|2 Comments

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