Welcome back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! This is episode #15.

We talk about body image, the psychology of eating and why it’s important, and why it can be so helpful to become your body’s best friend. Lu has an AMAZING tree analogy regarding body image that made so many light bulbs go off for me.  Lu is so great, loving, and down to earth. I know you’ll love this episode.

Here’s a bit more about Lu:

Lu Uhrich is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Body Image Mentor who specializes in helping women to overcome their struggles with yo-yo dieting, food restriction, binge eating, shame, body hate and other unwanted mindsets and behaviors. Through her one-on-one coaching program and online courses, she guides clients to end the exhausting hustle for food and body perfection by finding out who they really are, what they truly want, and how to finally get it. Visit www.lueats.com to learn more about Lu and enroll in Finding Freedom, her FREE 5-day course to help you end the battle with food and body and get on with your life. Or, follow her on Instagram @lueatsdotcom for a daily dose of self-love inspiration.

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