Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the podcast! Today’s guest is Kortney Karnok–a Body Positive Warrior, a Crossfit Coach (and Olympic Weight Lifter), and Intuitive Eating Coach. How can you be both an Intuitive Eating Coach and a Body Positive Warrior AND be a Crossfit Coach? You’ll find out in today’s episode! Oftentimes Crossfit gets a bad reputation in the BoPo community because it is a fitness program, however, Kortney shares something about Crossfit that you may not know. Kortney shares her journey from eating disorder to Intuitive Eating Coach and shares her love of Crossfit and how it actually can be a more body positive sport than most fitness activities. Check out this episode to hear more!

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Books: The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolff
Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon
Intuitive Eating, 2nd edition, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resche

Email Kortney: kortney@fuelingstrength.com

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