Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the podcast! I am so thrilled to bring you today’s episode with someone that inspires me every week, my client, Jodi Ream.

Jodi has been battling cancer for over 8 years and on top of that has been recovering for anorexia nervosa. Jodi shares her story, what the “middle” of recovery has meant to her, and how her life has changed since deciding to take the path into eating disorder recovery.

If Jodi’s story inspires you, I hope you reach out to her! She’d love to connect.

You can connect with Jodi via her Instagram account.

As always, if you are loving the podcast, I’d absolutely be thrilled to hear from you! My email is findingbodyfreedom@gmail.com <–I promise to respond, I always do!

See you all next time!

P.S. The next episode is going to be AWESOME!