Hi all! Welcome back to the podcast!

First off, I am SO thrilled that 2 more of you lovely listeners have added a review on iTunes. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO: Barbara Gez and Tatum Morton--you both made my heart feel so full (if you are reading this, reach out to me through my website/Instagram, I have a little gift for you). Thank you thank you thank you.

In this episode, Caty and I chat about her story (from being obsessed with her body to enjoying living in her body, mind and spirit),  living an empowered life, how to not let challenges get in the way of what you truly desire in your life, and how “doing the work” as Caty says can drastically improve the quality of your life. A MUST LISTEN. I loved our conversation so much..I seriously can’t wait for you all to listen in. 🙂

Here’s a bit more about Caty:

Caty is an empowerment coach and spiritual mentor who’s mission in life is to help others break through their self-imposed limitations and create the life they love. She specializes in helping women who struggle with sabotaging behaviors, insecurity, and overall feelings of unworthiness.

Get in touch with Caty:
Her Website

Instagram/Her amazing Instastories

Sign up for her retreat if you are interested here

The books Caty talked about in the quick fire round were:

Big Magic

A Return to Love

The Untethered Soul

Until next time, Choose Love over Fear. BIG hugs to all of you 🙂