FBF Episode #6: Thais Guimaraes{Emotional Eating, Self-Worth, and Spirituality}

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the podcast! This is episode #6 with one amazing human being, Thais Guimaraes. Thais is a women’s leadership coach, motivational speaker, spiritual teacher and the co-creator of The AMPLIFY Collective, a movement changing the way women network. She is also a co-host of the popular podcast BE AMPLIFIED. After struggling for years with emotional eating, anxiety and several identity crises, she found the key to happiness - worthiness, and set out to support other women rise UP. She believes that the world will be [...]

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FBF Episode #5: Christy Harrison {Self-Care vs Self-Control}

  Hey All! Welcome back to the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! This is Episode #5! Today I'm talking with Christy Harrison who is an NYC-based intuitive eating counselor and anti-diet registered dietitian, specializing in Health at Every Size. She hosts Food Psych, a podcast dedicated to helping you make peace with food, and writes regularly [...]

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FBF Podcast Episode #2: Jenna Free, You Ain’t Your Weight

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Finding Body Freedom Podcast! Today’s guest is Jenna Free from You Ain’t Your Weight. Jenna and I talk about her story (from dieting to being a model to becoming an intuitive eater and helping you ditch the diet), weddings and the pressure brides feel to look thinner or more [...]

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