Throughout the last 7 years I have worked with dozens of clients all looking to achieve the same results. They want to feel healthy and energized in their bodies without dieting and restriction. They do not want to follow another set of rules or purchase another weight loss program. They want to be more active, eat healthier, and they don’t want their social lives to be impacted by their quest for health and vitality. They are sick of struggling with food and exercise. They are confused by all of the information out there and just want to get to the bottom of what healthy eating really is.

They want body freedom.

((**Please Note: I do not accept insurance.**))

Nutrition Therapy 4 Month Package. $900

  • We will evaluate your current relationship with food and your body, work on eliminating restriction, welcoming in balanced meals and snacks daily, and helping you to healing your metabolism.
  • We will work on ditching the diets once and for all, letting go of the diet mentality, saying goodbye to food rules that drive you crazy, and working through the noises that send conflicting/annoying information to you every time you go to make a food choice. In order to move towards better health and wellness, this phase must be complete.
  • We will work on the principles of Intuitive Eating. We will work on making peace with food, mindful eating, learning and understanding your hunger and fullness cues, emotional eating, respecting your body, exploring intuitive exercise, and discovering foods that make you feel amazing and are satisfying.
  • Together we will work to normalize eating behaviors and live free of rules and restriction. With nutrition counseling, you can develop strategies to manage stress, ways to tolerate emotions without using food (most of the time), and the “good food/bad food” mentality. In a safe, judgement-free environment, explore your relationship with food and learn that your value doesn’t come from attaining a certain weight or body shape.

–>We will be working together for a minimum of 4 months, on a weekly basis (45 minute calls), and it will cost $900. This price also includes a 75 minute initial consultation as well as unlimited email support between sessions.

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