Sick of Dieting and Feeling like a failure when you Fall off the Wagon?
Tired of Struggling with your Weight?
Desiring a Lifestyle that actually Feels Good?

**If your answer to any of those questions is a profound YES, keep reading.**


GUYS!!! I am now accepting enrollment into my completely ONLINE Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program! YAY!! I have my glass of champagne out as I’m writing this love letter to you all.

Why a love letter? Because you deserve self-love. You deserve to feel good in your skin. You deserve to love the way you take care of yourself. You deserve to feel badass, confident, empowered, and HAPPY. You deserve to be apart of a community of like-minded people who are all on a mission to live their happiest, healthiest life…and kicker, ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

That’s right! This program aims to help you define, create, and LIVE your own healthy happy lifestyle. No more searching around for what other people are doing. No more wondering if you are eating “the right way”. No more strict exercise programs. No more dieting, falling off the wagon, and then getting back on a wagon only to fall off again. That cycle just makes us all feel like shit. SO this program’s goal is to help you figure out a healthy happy lifestyle that is on your own terms. Creating one is actually really fun!

In this program I’m taking you on a journey to and through yourself. It’s 10 weeks of self-discovery and the person you’ll be on the other side of this program is YOU (just a really honest, self-loving you).


About the Program:

The Healthy Happy Lifestyle Program is a 10-Week Online Coaching Program to help you Quit Dieting, Obsessing about Your Weight and What You Are/Are Not Eating, and Develop Your Own Self-Defined Healthy Happy Lifestyle.

This program includes over 300 hours of content which includes: weekly accountability and inspirational emails, 30 minute videos sent out every Monday, Worksheets developed to guide you into your own healthy happy lifestyle, access to the private online community, and Facebook Live chats each week where you can ask me any questions you have!

This program uses evidenced-based research and tools that have been proven to be effective.

Join the hundreds of women worldwide who have quit dieting for good and have found body freedom!

Get ready to create and live your own healthy happy lifestyle!

Here’s a Week to Week Overview of the Program:

Week 1: Motivation & Goal Setting Workshop
Here we figure out your true motivation for being in the program, we learn about creating SMART goals, and discuss readiness to change and importance of changing. This is where we lay the groundwork and foundation for the entire series.

Week 2: Nutrition
Here we go over the “WHAT and HOW MUCH” of eating. Basic nutrition science and how to eat in a way that supports overall health and weight management.

Week 3: Eating Behaviors
This week we go over the “WHEN, WHY, HOW” of eating. Hunger and fullness, cravings, and emotional eating. We look at behaviors like night time snacking, eating out of boredom and emotion, and how to decrease the behaviors that don’t support our overall goals and health. We discuss some of the concepts found in the book “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

Week 4: Exercise is an Opportunity
The Science and the Ins and Outs of Exercise Programs. We also discuss how we perceive exercise and the benefits of exercise, other than just simply losing weight.

Week 5: The Science and Truth Behind Your Weight
This week we will go over the science behind your weight and the truth about weight and weight loss. It is not as guaranteed as what most “experts” have been telling us about calories in and calories out. It is much more in depth than that.

Week 6: Behavior Change
This week we go over how to decrease behaviors that are moving you farther away from our goals and how to create new behaviors that support your goals and health. I go over the science behind behavior change.

Week 7: Body Intuition
This week we will talk about how to listen to your body in order to respond in a way that is nourishing to the mind, body, and soul. You will actually learn how to listen to what your body needs and craves (rest, movement, more food, less food, etc). Here I give you the tools so that you can fully hear that messages that your body is trying to send to you.

Week 8: A Guide to Self-Love,The Body Image, Self-Esteem
Here we will discuss these important topics and how they are related to health and achieving your goals. We define these terms and dig deep into how cultivating more positivity into your life will change it all.

Week 9: Happiness and Showing Up
Here we will be talking about the science behind happiness and how you can add more happiness to your life. We will also be discussing how to fully show up to your life so that you can feel the best you’ve ever felt!

Week 10: Putting It Altogether-
Creating Your Own Healthy and Happy Lifestyle
The last workshop! This is a quick review of everything we’ve learned and it’s where we put all of the pieces together to create a self-defined healthy happy lifestyle. This is the week where we talk about all of the areas of self-care. You will walk away with a lifestyle plan that you have created to support your goals, health, and happiness.



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I am so honored to serve you through this program. I hope I see you in this program. 🙂