Recently I’ve been contemplating the idea of titles: Why we feel the need to have them. How we hide behind them. How we cling to them. The role they play in our lives.

Titles, for me, have historically given me a sense of importance and made me feel like I’m taking a stand for something (nothing innately wrong with either one of these). They have helped me create and form my identity. They make me feel like I am someone in this world. But, who am I without the title of fiance, group fitness instructor, entrepreneur, podcast host, body freedom coach, @FindingBodyFreedom on Instagram, and Registered Dietitian? Who is underneath all of these titles? Who am I without those titles? Am I still me? Who am I at my core?

This is been something I’ve been working through in my own personal journey because if I don’t stop and ask myself these important questions, I can easily be sent into a tailspin when one of these titles gets taken away or when I no longer desire to BE one of them. <–This is when things get confusing, sticky, and just not healthy. When we become afraid to give up a title in order to become more of who you are, or to simply change–because you are allowed to change, grow, and transform. That’s your right.

It seems to be that in today’s world, we all are on a quest to identify ourselves, especially when it comes to how we eat and what we do for exercise. “I’m Paleo.” “I’m a runner.” “I’m Vegan.” “I’m Low-Carb.” “I’m a Crossfitter.” “I’m Plant-Based.” “I’m a Triathlete.” “I’m a Couch Potato.” “I’m Cruelty-Free.” “I’m an Intuitive Eater.” (There are a million more obviously)

Here’s the thing: The way you take care of your body doesn’t need a title. You don’t have to announce to the world (or Instagram) how it is that you eat and move. I think it can become quite dangerous when you identify yourself with something as simple as the way you eat or exercise. You don’t have to announce to anyone how you are eating. You don’t have to title it. You don’t have to be following ANYTHING in order to be healthy and happy, or true to yourself. You don’t have to belong to one group, one camp, or one type of exercise. You can belong to as many as you want. You can eat like a vegetarian one day and then like our ancestors the next–doesn’t mean you need to title yourself one or the other. You can hit up a juice bar in one moment and then hit up your favorite wing place the next. You can go to a Ballet class one day and then hit up Crossfit the next.

Of course if you are super fascinated and are in love with one specific form of movement, then go with it (but you don’t have to title yourself because of it, change your Instagram Bio, or make a confession on your blog)! BUT if you fall out of love with it or simply want to be involved in something else, you are allowed to change. If you feel super energetic eating one way but then after a while you notice you aren’t feeling good anymore, you are allowed to change the way you nourish yourself.

I guess the real question is: Do you allow yourself to change? Or are you clinging to one thing because you are scared of what will happen if you no longer identify yourself with it? Who will you be if you give up the title?

Long Story Short: You can just be YOURSELF. You don’t have to title every single thing you do, or the way you eat or move.  You can just live your damn life.


P.S. This week’s podcast episode speaks to this topic SO SO much. Click here to listen.