Real Facts and Figures About Lottery Payouts

The Sharpnes, Macintosh and other lottery computer programs were designed to calculate the more difficult picking numbers in the least possible time. Because of its incompleteness the program is more prone to be flawed than the best Pick 4 or Pick 3 Programs.

That should be a sufficient reason why you don’t play the California Super Lotto. Although you’d think you have an edge by selecting the California lotto numbers as your selection, the problem is you are sharing the prize pool with millions of other lottery players, just as bad as you are.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to win the lottery, that’s the one life goal worth fighting for. Everyone dreams of becoming the next millionaire. When I say everyone, it means everyone from the saloon keepers to the computer programmers wanting to revolutionize how we pick our numbers.

We can improve our chances of winning the California Super Lotto and other Lottery prizes by using a Winning Lotto System. Even better, there are proven first class lottery systems that you can rely on to help you win the CA Super Lotto and other Lottery prizes. I personally believe that everyone who plays is at least some sort of lottery player. We all dream of becoming instant millionaire when we sign ourchecks to the cashier.

There is one system that really works for those who have subscribed to it. The Poker88 park system has recently been rated by a lottery monitor as the number 1 beating the odds by more than a 2 to 1. (See their website for the details.

A couple years ago I decided to test drive a few of the Pick 4 Systems that came with the promise of helping me into the stretch. I would rather give you the Cliff’s Notes version of what happened, but I’ve known about the Lazy Man’s Lottery System for a while and it looked like a decent method. So, I gave it a try.

I’ll be honest with you, I was pretty issued with a lot of hype after my first couple weeks. I am a skeptical person by nature and cross my mind that maybe this whole thing was a giant scam. I still didn’t yield to the lotto enthusiasm though. The more I played the more I thought about the system. I even visited a few of the HOW TO sections of the web sites. To cut the long story short I checked the HOW TO rather than the systems themselves. That should have told me the truth about the systems.

I spent quite a time preparing this article because there are a lot of stories about people who have won the lottery using the various products and techniques. I wanted to give you as many positive examples as possible so you can decide for yourself about whether or not you want to spend your money on trying some lottery techniques.

Before I get into the products I want to comment on the FREE WORTH OF MONEY program that they offer. This is probably the best way to explain the true test of a system. You can sign up for this deal through their affiliates if you visit the page below. You can then use the key to get the best return on your investment since they earn a commission for every sale you make to the page.

Decide for yourself if the free money is worth risking money. If you use your head and map out a strategy that works for you than all you need to do is make your first sale to trigger the bonus. This really is the best way to get started.

Now let’s say you take their money and create your own strategy. The longer you wait between losses the more money you can earn as a reward for the waiting.

I should also mention that this scheme is nothey are bogus lottery techniques. Guessing your numbers and such things are not what successful lottery strategies do. Remember that even the best Pick 4 analysts and most successful lottery strategists are guessing themselves.

If you’re going to gamble online with lottery funds, prefer using lottery funds that come from a lottery that isn’t part of a larger group. Don’t use a cookieimated number picking service. Make sure the underlying mechanics of the game you’re playing are really what you think of them to be.

Use a good lottery system to play games with better odds, rather than ones that are really sketchy. US lottery games are among the world’s most complicated and dubious games. Play in games that have better odds and play within a system that makes sense.

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