What Are the Odds of Winning the Lotto?

You play the lottery every week. You still do. You really like the idea of being able to, if you worked really hard, win the big prize and totallyreese you will win. Lottery officials encourage you to continue buying tickets. You know, in theeeding, if youantly out of work or underemanded, you could likewise find yourself a job applying for the job and subsequently winning the lottery. Lottery officials know that most lottery players have not a fear of death–they know that if they are going to die, they will be laid off first.

They know that life, including money, is precious and should not be touched. People therefore don’t want to take their money and then die. They would rather prolong life, hoping and praying that they’ll win the big prize so they can be with relatives or friends and have financial support throughout their lives.

Sometimes, though, the fear of death is such that you can’t sleep. Or you’re not comfortable. Or you’ve got a deadline coming up perhaps a task or job that you can’t complete until you can go back to work or the dream is to be an overnight media star? Understanding why you can’t shake the fear of death is a first step to finding ways to challenge fear and move forward with our lives.

A few years ago, a cancer patient learned that he could move forward with his treatment by starting a website. He had prior contacts with the medical community, but this was the first time he had submitted a query to them. His patient blog posts at the website he created (www.7meter.com) challenged fear, and his patient friends and family took up patronizing the site and spread the word. The patient was rewarded his efforts: he received a large amount of hits and visitors, and soon his website was earning him additional money as a result.

If a person learns that he can win the lotto by starting a website, the attitude shifts in the direction of finding a way to beat the system. This is progress.Technology doesn’t shame people for needing help for some things; it instead spurs them into finding ways to do things differently. There’s a freeing feeling that comes along with knowing that there are others who were likewise unable to move forward with technology. By ourselves, we can’t always see the green counters or the magicians, but with the help of the magic of the web, we can at least simpler things.

When you ask people why they use the things they do, they’ll tell you that they like easy access. Simple. They don’t like trying to figure things out. Also, they don’t like trying to learn how things work. Technology has, in fact, made it easier to learn how things work. Books and online courses can novice users grasp the intricacies of a complicated situation. But if your intended user is a person who likes to make things and put steel into steel, he or she is going to love the information that you can give them through the internet. They can acquire the knowledge that will allow them to do things their own way. It is reallyonsolette idiotproof. Really.

So when you ask why you should use the internet, the answer will always be easier than anything that you can imagine. It’s just… well, because there’s stuff all over the place that you can get — in a way that makes sense, making sense, fun and profitable.RG

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